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Structural steelwork is widely used in modern construction projects such as
factories for electronics manufacturing or even high-rise buildings. In the event of fire,
it is vital that the steelwork retain their functions for as long as possible to provide
extra time to save the people and the factory or any steelwork construction.
Fire Protection Coating System on steelwork allows people to escape from
the dangerous areas in a period of time, and provides good measures of protection
to property values. FIRECUT products provide a cost effective solution to all owners,
contractors, architects and applicators in such purposes

FIRECUT products include :

Solvent-based Intumescent Fire Resistance Mastic Coating
Cementitious Fire Protection Coating

FIRECUT products provide the comparative advantages:

-   Cost effective fire protective system for structural steelwork
-   Suitable for exterior and interior purposes
-   Professional recommendations on coating systems to ensure total customer satisfaction
-   Well-established manufacturer to provide a wide range of coating products
-   Single supplier for all protective coatings and fire protection products
-   Protects steel structures in a certain period of time, i.e. up to 120 minutes for intumescent coating or up to 240 minutes for cementitious coating
-   Compatible with a range of primers
-   Wide selection of topcoat colors
A number of factors will affect the selection of suitable fire protective coatings
such as:
-   The period of fire protection
-   The fire standard to be adopted
-   Coating system for corrosion protection
-   Design of steel profile – section factor (Hp/A)

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